Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-02-10T08:11:30-08:00

Below, our most frequently asked questions our clients in Tuolumne County have about solar panel installation, maintenance, financing, tax credits, and more.  If you have additional questions, please call us to discuss at (209) 770-7807.  We are happy to help.

How fast can I start saving money with solar?2019-12-23T10:19:59-08:00

You can start saving money with solar typically within 30 days of a signed contract.

Do solar panels increase my home’s value?2019-12-23T10:21:14-08:00

YES, solar panels increase your home value greatly. Your home value rises but your property taxes don’t! This is one of the only permitted home improvements you can have done on your home without your property taxes increasing.

Is solar cost effective?2019-12-23T10:22:19-08:00

Yes, as utility rates continue to rise, solar has never been more cost effective than right now.

How long does it take for a solar system to pay for itself?2019-12-23T10:22:59-08:00

Your typical system will have paid for itself within 5-7 years depending on system size.

Will solar panels eliminate my utility bills completely?2019-12-23T10:24:12-08:00

Solarworx can design your system to offset your bill.

Can I have all American made solar panels and materials?2019-12-23T10:25:57-08:00

Yes you can!

What type of maintenance is required for my solar system?2019-12-23T10:26:38-08:00

Once your solar is installed there are no recurring maintenance costs associated with your solar panels.

Does SolarWorx offer financing?2019-12-23T10:27:07-08:00

Yes. We have trusted local banks we work with as well as large finance companies that offer competitive rates.

When does the Federal Solar Tax credit expire?2022-11-08T12:00:29-08:00

Originally, the solar tax credit was scheduled to be 22% in 2021, then end in 2022. However due to the current pandemic, the government decided to extend the tax credit and increase the percentage.  Currently, the tax credit is 30% scheduled through 2032. Learn more about the tax credit on our Solar Tax Credit page.

Click here to learn more.

What is the Federal Solar Tax credit?2021-02-10T09:36:40-08:00

The Federal Solar Tax credit lets you deduct a percentage of your total solar system cost from your federal tax liability. Please consult your tax professional for further tax information.

How long will my solar panels last?2019-12-23T10:29:36-08:00

Solarworx only installs solar panels with a 25 year guarantee.

Who is installing my solar panels?2019-12-23T10:31:01-08:00

Solarworx does not use third-party installers! All work is completed by the Solarworx team. Learn more about us.

How can I monitor my solar panels?2019-12-23T10:31:42-08:00

Solarworx is able to offer mobile solar panel monitoring. Monitor your panels with the ease of a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Who are the owners of SolarWorx?2019-12-23T10:32:16-08:00

Solarworx is locally family owned and operated by Kevin Alberto and Matt Stone.

Is solar power the most reliable power source?2019-12-23T10:33:44-08:00

Solar power is solid state with no moving parts which makes it virtually maintenance free. providing clean sustainable energy.

How do I start the solar installation process?2019-12-23T10:34:38-08:00

To get started, call SolarWorx to set up an on-site consultation.

What if I don’t have enough roof space for my solar panels?2019-12-23T10:35:12-08:00

Solarworx can provide other options for your solar system.

Will solar panels damage my roof?2019-12-23T10:36:09-08:00

No, we install solar panels very carefully to protect your roof.

Can I put solar on a metal roof, composite roof or tile roof?2019-12-23T10:36:55-08:00

Yes, you can put solar panels on a metal roof, composite roof or tile roof?

If I have solar does that mean I’m “off Grid”?2019-12-23T10:37:27-08:00

No you are still tied into the electrical grid.

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